Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Into the Abyss


This past Saturday my sister and I jaunted into the city to take in some sights.  She, having never been to The Bay, was in for quite an adventure.  All morning long  clouds rolled in and made themselves quite comfortable while we made our rounds through Golden Gate Park, visiting the de Young and Japanese Tea Garden.  Once we began to make our way North, it was clear that some of San Francisco's famous fog would be keeping us company on our visit to The Golden Gate Bridge.  

I have visited The Bridge several times before, but never on a day like this.  The fog slowly got thicker, until you could hardly see the water beneath.  The foghorn boomed thunderously from below the first tower, sending vibrations up your spine.  Reaching out, I felt as though I could almost grab a handful of the misty cloud sweeping by.  It was an otherworldly and spectacular to experience one of Man's finest feats of engineering veiled in fog, and seemingly vanishing into the abyss.  


  1. Great view and great shot!

    Daniel from Idea2result

  2. Neat! That's some nice lookin' photo you got there!