Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This House

Dieses Haus

Berlin Six | Auf Wiedersehen

Here are the last few offerings of photo documentation from Berlin.  The city was abound with facades of every color and political proclamation, including the declaration above which translates to "This House Previously Stood in a Different Country", referencing the Berlin Wall.  Other punctuations in the facade narrative were not so politically charged and made statements through color and mural.  However, an old squat tenement found in former East Berlin had the words "Soldiers are Murderers" emblazoned on its facade, only steps away from a military cemetery.  Even buildings that are charged with such history as the Reichstag have taken on a new persona.  Once used for propaganda purposes in World War II, Germany's parliament building now emphasizes the transparency of government and accessibility to its people by means of Sir Norman Foster's glass dome addition.  Whether transparency in the parliamentary government is actually true is yet to be determined...  

Until next time, auf wiedersehen Berlin!






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