Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tune In Tuesday

In the last several weeks, three albums have been released from two old favorites and a remarkable newcomer.  With releases from SBTRKT, Fink, and Little Dragon streaming from my speakers and headphones daily, I felt the compulsory need to 'share the wealth'.  To say that I am a music critic would be a sham; and I don't have half the nerve to even try.  However, in a few paltry lines I will try and impart what has made the current releases from these artists significant to me.  Click through the album art to purchase from iTunes.  (Where you get your music is your business, but pilfering from torrents is neither encouraged nor condoned)

SBTRKT / SBTRKT / 6.24.11

This self titled debut album released June 24th has been playing on repeat generously these last few weeks.  SBTRKT was first brought to my attention by a one Daniel Stromberg by means of their single Wildfire, featuring Little Dragon.  To say that the track is intoxicating falls short.  I cannot explain how a song that seems so simple could be so brilliant.  The album in its entirety is quite extraordinary and a standout in the electronic scene.  Although traveling through SBTRKT's instrumental tracks as well as those featuring vocals from Sampha, Jessie Ware, and Roses Gabor; the album stays in stride nicely.   

Watch the accompanying music video for Wildfire, directed by Sam Pilling, below.

Fink / Perfect Darkness / 7.29.11  

I must admit that I approached Fink's fourth release (of the acoustic variety) with some trepidation.  Having heard the titular track, as well as Yesterday Was Hard On All of Us, I had feared that the Fink that I had fallen in love with had come and gone.  What were once simple arrangements of acoustic guitar, bass, and drums had evolved into a more produced sound.  Yet, the more polished Fink may seem to have become, the brutal honesty and sobering melancholy still reside.

Favorites from this release so far are Perfect Darkness, Honesty, Save It for Somebody Else, Foot in the Door, and Berlin Sunrise.  As with most things, I know that time will make every track a favorite.  

Little Dragon / Ritual Union / 7.22.11

The third release from Sweden's Little Dragon is a bit of a step away from their last two releases.  Synth laden tracks are still abound, however it is much more down tempo than previously.  I have only had a brief time to let this album sink in, and don't yet feel I have the authority to say where I stand.  However, I can say that an album whose title is based on holy matrimony doesn't inspire much energy.  Tracks Little Man, Shuffle Dream, Crystalfilm, Precious, and Summertearz have occupied most of my attention; and I may have to return to this post in some time to give my full impression.  

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