Wednesday, May 26, 2010

White Sands on a Whim

Lone Ranger, originally uploaded by Design.Her.

Mike and I drove down to White Sands National Monument this week to take a little day trip. The tunes were great, the snacks were plenty, and the scenery was beautiful.

It was my first trip down to White Sands and I had a blast. It's nice to have cool sand between your toes without having to drive for hours to California. Had a really great time shooting photos and running up sand dunes with Mike.

We rain into several little critters there, along with tracks of animals that we never saw; and tried to leave the stink bugs alone.  I highly recommend staying for sunset, especially during a full moon.  Although we didn't quite get a FULL moon, it was still gorgeous.  To the West there was the setting sun, and the East hosted the [almost] full moon rising. 

A few photos are up on flickr, and more to come.

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