Wednesday, May 19, 2010

George Pearl Hall

George Pearl Hall, originally uploaded by Design.Her.

After having graduated just several days before, I found myself inextricably drawn to George Pearl Hall.  It was strangely quiet, both in the building and the surrounding campus.  Although my fellow students and I rattled on about how excited we were to leave this place, and all stress that came with it; I must say that I am truly going to miss it.  

The gallery space off of the West entrance was filled with work from graduating students, which was an appreciable nod to their efforts.

The School of Architecture and Planning at The University of New Mexico has found itself in a very unique position.  We have been privileged with a world class building, access to some of the latest technologies, and some great minds as well.  I can only hope that my next step in my education takes me somewhere that can match the first.  

Please take a look at my flickr page for more photos of George Pearl Hall.  

Also, for more photographs, jaunt over to Antoine Predock's website, where you can see many more of his projects. 

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